Free-Range Eggs

DSC01985             At Asgard Farm, our heritage laying hens free range on chemical free pasture and have unlimited access to a locally milled, soy-free, certified organic feed. They also forage for insects and grass seeds as nature intended. This is in addition to fresh air, green grass, clean water and sunshine that only free range hens can have. Our hens are never manipulated with artificial light to induce off season laying and are allowed to molt and produce as nature intended.

Downloadable PDF comparing nutritional attributes of pastured v. caged hens (2009).

  Pastured v. Caged Hen Egg Study by   asgardfarm

Egg comparison.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

Our hens stay in production on farm for approximately two seasons, after which their efficiency decreases. Two year old laying hens are generally available for sale in the fall and make great additions to small household flocks or barnyards. Contact us for availability.