Pastured Pork

Individual cuts are available off the farm and at our farmer’s market locations.


At Asgard Farm our pigs are raised on pasture and in our woodlot.  They also receive garden waste as well as excess milk from our small herd of dairy goats. Our current grower stock is comprised of heritage breed pigs from a local breeder. Heritage breed pigs are known for their hardiness, foraging ability and rapid growth rate. They are an ideal pasture pigs with tender and flavorful meat.

Pastured pork is available throughout the year.  We keep a variety of cuts in stock including, chops, Italian sausage, sage sausage, bratwurst, Boston butt roasts, tenderloin and bacon.  We also have pastured lard.

 The most economical method is to purchase half of a pig, which will provide approximately 75lbs of meat and pork products off of a 250# live weight pig. Smaller pigs will have smaller yields.  We offer bulk pork sales 3 times a year.

Our pigs are currently processed locally at an animal-welfare approved facility within a short driving distance from the farm.