Pastured Broilers (Chickens)

Pastured Poultry

Broilers are available 3 times from April to November, sign up for our mailing list to be kept up to date on our processing schedule.

We only raise Freedom Ranger broilers, you will never see a commercial type “frankenchicken” on our farm.  The Freedom Ranger was developed in France for the stringent Label Rouge system.  These birds thrive on pasture, they happily forage for a large portion of their diet.  They grow slowly (taking twice as long as commercial birds to reach market weight) thus avoiding the crippling leg issues so often seen in commercial broilers.   The meat from one of our broilers is firm and flavorful, you will never want mushy, bland commercial chicken again!

freedomranger     Chicken Tractor1

Chickens are an integral part of the restorative agricultural practices  we use here on Asgard Farm.  In nature flocks of birds follow the large migrating herds of grazing animals, we mimic this pattern by having chickens follow our sheep, goats and pigs in the grazing rotation.  The chickens scratching helps to break up and distribute the “fertilizer” left behind by the grazing ruminants.  The chickens dine on fly larvae, ticks and a variety of other insects along with weed seeds, effectively acting as the pastures “clean up crew”, leaving behind nitrogen rich droppings to increase over all fertility of the pastures.   Plus they are entertaining to watch!

We do not  use any antibiotics, steroids or chemical dewormers.  Our pastures are chemical free, we never use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides on the farm.